About Me


I spent the better part of my forties dating online — so much so that a dear friend once said to me, “Honey, the Internet isn’t only for dating.”

Who knew you could buy coffee tables too?

The only good thing about all those awkward first dates was the collection of stories I gathered. (Not only did I spend my forties dating, I also dined out on those stories for most of the decade. I used to be way skinnier. Really).

Anyway, the stories led to a blog and the blog led to the memoir, An Alphabet of Men: Dating My Way from Adam to Zak. It’s not exactly the literary masterpiece I imagined I’d one day write, but I’m learning to roll with the surprises the universe sends me.

I’m pleased to report that after fifty first dates, I finally accumulated enough hard-won wisdom to recognize a good man when I met him. We’re married now and live in Victoria, BC, with our boys and the very badly behaved “bonus dog”, Bertie.

I’m so pleased to meet you here!