Dating the Alphabet


One of my many dating profile pictures...

One of my many dating profile pictures…

The last thing I expected was to find myself suddenly single in my forties and out in the feral landscape of the online dating world.

I also didn’t expect to go out on more than fifty first dates before I found my guy (I know, right? No woman should ever have to go out on fifty first dates!) Hapless doesn’t even begin to describe my dating life.

The only good thing about going out with so many men on so many coffee dates is that you become the darling of the dinner-party circuit. Even if it’s exhausting and often demoralizing to be online dating in your forties, there’s good material in those experiences. Eventually I started blogging about it all, starting at A is for Adam. I assumed I’d maybe get to M is for Mike or maybe S is for Stefan before I found happily ever after.

But you know what they say about assumptions. Zak, it turned out, was quite a lovely man, just not the man for me.

An Alphabet of Menis an account of the year I dated my way from A to Z, and what I learned about myself — and about love — along the way.

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